22nd March 2017

Dear Club member, the Club has three events planned over the autumn and winter period. 

The first is a continental style navigational event in October over two days which will bring a format that is not being used anywhere in the UK at present. Other events that need specialised equipment and huge expertise are well catered for by other events, the Navex will just require basic skill of the art of map reading and some in car teamwork to be successful. Based in Wiltshire and Dorset it will use mainly roads that are not seen on other events. Permits have been applied for and regulations will appear here soon. Any questions just give us a ring. 

The Navex Challenge will be followed by the Winter Classic our Classic regularity event with its traditional visit to Salisbury Plain, after the dates fell badly last Christmas, this year they fall on the penultimate day of this year, a event growing in popularity we hope to see you there. Permits and Authorisation will be applied for in July and regulations will be published shortly after that.

Last but not least we will run the Bagger in 2018, a date is being discussed with other events in he area for a slot, which will either be in early January or mid March 2018, as soon as we have a date we will post it here.




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If anyone is looking for a decent fun event in France next April we would suggest the Vintage Sun Run for older cars, 1960s and before. The  website address on the link below.






TOUR of WESSEX 2016  5th – 7th February 2016



It is with deep regret that we have to announce the cancellation of the 2016 Tour of Wessex which was scheduled to run in Devon and Somerset on the weekend of the 5th/6th February.

The number of entries who have paid a deposit received to date fall far short of the break-even point needed and, as an amateur organisation, the Club would be faced with a financial shortfall which would have been both unmanageable and unsustainable to continue with.

It for us was both a difficult and easy decision to make, as frankly we didn’t have any choice! It is purely a simple question of not having the income to run the event to a standard of good value for those who have already committed themselves to an entry. We would like to thank all those competitors who have made the effort to support the event and encouraged us throughout, you all know who you are.

For the team it is also a great pity in that months of planning, intense work and preparation by a small band of dedicated people have gone unfulfilled. We would like to thank them for their input.

The Wessex was conceived after a number of clubmen voiced a view that they wanted an amateur organisation to run a long distance event with an affordable entry fee in these times of spiralling costs. Sadly the support for this concept and format does not seem to be there.

It is also a great pity that it is not just the competitors who will lose out, but also all those rally fans and marshals who will be denied the chance of being involved with an event in a rarely used area.

All entrants will be contacted within the next few days to make arrangements to either return or transfer their deposit fee to another event.

The Club has every intention of continuing to explore alternative ways of meeting the expressed expectations of competitors who continue to seek an event that offers the combination of good competition combined with outstanding value for money. To this end, we would encourage all recipients of this note to make their thoughts and suggestions known to us.


The V.C.R.R.Team

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  • Club Chairman - Roger Hunt
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