We are pleased to announce the bagger will run on the 26th – 27th January 2019 regulations are published below



                                                              Bagger 19 regs here



Bagger 19 entry form



The event will be 180 miles of no nonsense traditional road rallying with 2 miles of un-surfaced roads. Entries will be selected on a first come first served basis.

This will be the last Bagger of its type, the various organisers have enjoyed organising a rally that is a little different than most others, but the modern age has caught up with us, also many of the supporting volunteers are getting to that age where they feel they have done their bit. We off course applaud them for their efforts. So the last Bagger and for us the end of an era …. and your last chance also









Bagger 2003a


Above:    Peter Noad and Dave Kirkham seen on the 2004 Carpetbagger, Peter was the 2002 winner with Peter Cox







The V.C.R.R.Team

  • Honorary President - David Kirkham
  • Club Chairman - Roger Hunt
  • Advisory Committee - Tony Brooks, Chris Tunstall, Paul Waterton, Bob Evans
  • Photographer - Tony Large
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